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  •  The Business Development and Investment Promotion Department

    The Business Development and Investment Promotion Department is responsible for:

    • Proposing policies to promote business development, encouraging local investment and attracting foreign investment.
    • Identifying and raising awareness of investment opportunities, including partnerships between the public and private sectors.
    • Studying the diversification of national income and supporting sustainable development in domestic and foreign trade relations.
    • Developing and implementing export promotion and trade programmes that enhance Qatar's competitiveness in foreign markets.
    • Creating a one-stop-shop for government services supporting investment and enhancing the business environment.
    • Developing a public services database for the business sector and the private and public sectors partnership.
    • Issuing guidelines for the business and investment sectors in the State of Qatar.
    • Collecting and analysing market data to promote the competitiveness of Qatari goods and services.
    • Coordinating and cooperating with international institutions and export development agencies.


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