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  •  ​The Commercial Registration and Licenses Department

    The Commercial Registration and Licenses Department is responsible for:
    • Implementing policies related to commercial registrations, trade agents and commercial entities in Qatar.
    • Market monitoring and regulation of the private sector.
    • Management and oversight of the Commercial Registry and Trade Agents Register.
    • Reviewing commercial license applications.
    • Keeping a record of economic, professional and commercial craftsmanship activities.
    • Issuing commercial licenses.
    • Verifying Qatari, GCC, Arab and international food and fodder certificates.
    • Reviewing Trade Agency contracts to ensure they meet standards.
    • Developing and implementing terms and conditions related to the principle of reciprocity for countries exporting goods and commodities that have approved local agents.



      • Commercial Registration Section.
      • Commercial Licenses Section.
      • Commercial Agents Section.

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