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  •  Business Climate

    Trade Climate
    Due to the increasing growth of Qatar and its strife to realize its national vision, many promising economic sectors, including education sector, industry sector, commerce sector, real estate & construction sector, infrastructure projects, service projects and other businesses, have emerged reflecting what Qatar witnesses of progress, prosperity and sustainable growth.

    Business Climate
    Successful businesses: The door is wide open in front of businessmen to invest in many buoyant enterprises, including, and not limited to, investments in construction, services, trade and health sectors and many other robust economic sectors.

    Intellectual Property Policy
    Qatar is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Law No. (7) of 2002 regulates the protection of copyright and author right, while Law No. (9) of 2002 regulates commercial data, trade names & brand names, geographic charts and indices and industrial models.

    Law No. (7) of 2002

    Law No. (9) of 2002

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