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  •  Starting new business

    ​​​​​There are procedures when starting a new business in Qatar. The registration of a company in Qatar, like most countries, requires a series of legal procedures and conditions.

    • What you need to know and do when starting a new company:

    First: Submitting a request for the registration of a new company.

    Second: Choosing a trade name and obtaining the approval of the Commercial Registration and Trademark Department.

    Third: Authenticating the memorandum of association of a sole proprietorship company or limited liability company by the Ministry of Justice.

    • The legal process includes:

    1- Obtaining approval to practice a commercial activity from the competent authority.

    2- Subscribing at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    3- Issuing the Commercial Registration.

    4- Issuing the business license to practise the commercial activity.


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