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  •  Supplier Obligations


    • Supplier Obligations:
    Law No. (8) of 2008 with respect to consumer protection has contemplated a number of basic obligations upon supplier and trader, in addition to penalties in case of violation. Suppliers shall be committed: (attachment: “Definition of supplier”)
    To refund or replace commodities that are faulty or not compatible with standard specifications or not useable for the purpose of contract.
    To announce price of commodity or service.
    To make disclosures related to type, nature and components of the commodity/product.
    To notify/announce hazards related to using the commodities/products.
    To hand the consumer an appropriate invoice of the commodity that it bought and not to force it buy additional quantities of no use to the consumer, or buy other commodity or to ask it pay a higher price than announced.
    To make details related to commodity or its maintenance in Arabic language.
    To notify Consumer Protection Department and consumers of any case related to finding manufacturing defect or any other defect that may cause damage or endanger consumers. It shall also be committed to recall all faulty commodities and to announce so immediately.
    To repair, maintain and provide good after sale services to the consumer on all bought commodities.
    To provide consumer with clear details on service it will obtain including any benefits, features and related costs.
    To honor all terms and conditions including guarantees/warranties documents provided by the producer or the appointed agent. It also provides spare parts to long serving commodities within a definite period of time.

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