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  •  Foreign Investment Sectors


    Based on Law No. (13) of 2000, as amended, that regulates the Investment on Non-Qatari Capital in the Economic Activity, Non-Qatari investors may exceed the proportion of their contribution of the 49% up to 100% of project capital by a decision of the Minister, in the fields of:

    • Agriculture.
    • Industry.
    • Health.
    • Education.
    • Tourism.
    • Development, Exploitation of Natural Resources, Energy, Mining
    • Business Consultancy.
    • Technical.
    • Information Technology,
    • Cultural Services.
    • Sports Services.
    • Entertainment Services.
    • Distribution services.


    Determine the Commercial activity through one of the following ways:

    • Application of Ministry of Economy and Commerce on the Android /iTunes devices.
    • E-services on the Ministry of Economy and Commerce 'website.
    • Visiting the business establishment center (on the first floor - the Ministry of Economy and Commerce).

    Qatar has investment incentives that include:

    • May be allocated the land necessary to set up their investments thereon, by a way of a renewable rent for a long period of not more than 50 years.
    • May be exempted from income tax for a period up to 10 years.
    • May import whatever they need to establish their investments, to operate and to expand their projects.
    • May be exempted from payment of import duties.
    • May be exempted from payment of custom taxes.
    • Shall be entitled to conduct private money transfers pertaining to their investment from abroad into the state of Qatar.


    ​Qatar provides friendly centers that support new business, including:​​

    1.  Qatar Financial Center.
    2.  Qatar Exchange.
    3. Qatar Science and Technology Park.
    4.  Qatar Development Bank.
    5. Manateq.

    Download the investment brochure by clicking here​.​​​

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