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  •  Investment sectors


    Industrial Sector:

    The industrial sector in Qatar is one of the most important strategic pillars of sustainable development. It is considered to be one of the major players in diversifying national income, and subsequently, reducing dependence on oil and gas as the main component of GDP. Also it contributes to satisfying a good part of our society's needs, as well as adding further value to the state's national resources. We boast a wealth of small and medium industries which contribute to reducing imports and which play a key role in the establishment of a permanent solid infrastructure for the industrial sector in Qatar.


    Construction Sector:

    The state of Qatar boasts a thriving construction and real estate sector that caters effectively to the enormous infrastructure and urban planning projects in the country. Its huge contribution has assisted in the global positioning of Qatar as a rapidly developing forward thinking nation, and a seat of architectural excellence. 


    Trade Sector:

    The Trade sector stands for the mutual exchange of goods, services or both. Basically, trade focuses on exchange of goods between two parties, namely "bilateral trade", or among more than two parties, namely "multilateral trade"


    Cultivation Sector:

    The Cultivation sector is one of the most important economic productive sectors of Qatar's economy. It caters for the food needs and requirements of the whole community. It is capable of achieving self-sufficiency of food products and food security which is one of the most crucial issues relating to community welfare and prosperity, as well as satisfying its basic needs.


    Investment and Banking Sector:

    Financial institutions are defined as economic institutions that are specialized in managing others' monies, through running investment portfolios, granting loans and buying and selling currencies.  The sector provides a well-organized workspace for concluding financials deals and agreements and satisfying demand on money when it arises. Among these institutions are banks, saving funds, investment houses, insurance and re-insurance companies and securities markets.



    Tourism Sector:

    This sector is closely linked to all travel, leisure and entertainment services, as well as promotion of tourism in a certain country through various available and possible promotional methods. As defined by the UN-affiliated World Tourism Organization, a "tourist" is someone who seeks tourism by travelling for a distance of not less than 80 kilometers far from his home. Tourism is not seen now as it was years ago; it has grown to include many sub activities and co-relate with other economic sectors, and has became one of the most productive diversified and dynamic economic sectors.


    Service Sector:

    The Service sector is one of the pivotal dynamic sectors of the Qatar economy. It strives hard to satisfy citizens and residents needs and requirements, its main objective being to achieve their welfare. This sector is considered to be one of the fast growing economic sectors in Qatar,  a key example being the telecommunications sector.  

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